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    Do You Want to Help Make the World a Better Place?

    So do we! And we at the non-profit Usui Spiritual Lernejo Foundation firmly believe we have the solution to uplift the world through healing.

    Before the COVID-19 pandemic, our global society already faced significant challenges. The pandemic only served to widen disparities of the marginalized, further limiting access to healthcare. This has left many people around the world experiencing chronic medical issues, unable to treat their illnesses, posing a serious threat to how we move forward as a society.

    To remedy the current dire situation, we require urgent intervention and assistance to drive a collective effort in healing our world.

    The Alternative Healing Practice of Reiki Can Change This!

    Rooted in the Japanese practice of reiki, Usui Spiritual Lernejo’s practices are carried out through the placing of hands and channeling healing energy to oneself (self-healing) or another person who is ailing. We hope to bring the alternative healing practice of reiki to those suffering from chronic medical conditions and illnesses, while doing our part to help make the world a better place – with you.

    Usui Spiritual Lernejo’s programs are intended for people who lack access to the right level of care to help them get better, as well as those who have tried traditional healthcare but are not seeing any improvement. They may need to explore a different course of treatment, which is where we come in.

    The Power of FIARE

    Our First Aid Reiki (FIARE) methods have been refined over the past 14 years, during which Usui Spiritual Lernejo has been active. We have seen enormous success over the years, helping people recover from a range of diseases by teaching them to self-heal. Illnesses include different types of cancer, Crohn’s disease, COVID-19, diabetes, and even serious nervous conditions such as multiple sclerosis, among a variety of other illnesses and ailments.

    Learn more about the FIARE self-healing trainings

    But We Can’t Do It Alone!

    Our Plan

    Usui Spiritual Lernejo has a clearly defined strategy to help us achieve our goal to uplift the world through healing, applying the alternative healing practice of reiki. We have formulated a 5-year plan that will seek to achieve the following:

    • Training professional healers on every continent

    Unfortunately, due to the nature of our practice, training is a lengthy process that takes several years before a healer can qualify and start treating people. This is why it is so important that we start building capacity now.

    • Open training centers, with at least one center on every continent

    Our vision is that three or four professional healers would live in a center together with their families, where they would treat patients and train future healers. In this way, we hope to create a physical on-the-ground presence to better allow us to reach people.

    • Introduce FIARE methods to as many people as possible

    We aim to start with just 1-3 countries per continent. This would mean we could start scaling our practice by encouraging locals to heal themselves and their loved ones using the FIARE methods first, and even to become professional healers later.

      How We Will Get There

      The FIARE training materials are developed by the Usui Dentō Ryū School, which forms part of the Usui Spiritual Lernejo Foundation. Our material has been translated into 45 languages, making this accessible across many countries worldwide. At the same time, our healing professionals are learning as many languages as they can so we can reach as many people as possible, communicating with them in their preferred tongue.

      In addition, we have created several video tutorials to guide our practitioners in their techniques on treating others as well as themselves. We have also worked hard to incorporate technology into our processes, building impressive IT infrastructure and systems to protect our members’ valuable data with end-to-end encryption.

      What We Need

      To support the growth and work of Usui Spiritual Lernejo, we require:

      • Legal advisory services to support us in developing the framework that can allow us to carry out our work globally.
      • System administrators to oversee our internal IT processes and procedures and assist us in automating tasks to keep our operational overheads down to a minimum.
      • Marketers familiar with non-profit organization practices and fund-raising efforts.

      We charge a nominal fee to our FIARE training, but because this takes place in small groups, it will not be nearly enough to cover the costs of rolling out our strategy and the associated operating expenses.

      For this reason, we hope to establish long-term partnerships with our potential support base, offering different tiers of support best suited to them. In this way, we will not only grow our community, but also create reciprocity where we give back to our supporters too.

      Our sponsors and partners can participate in FIARE training sessions as many times a year as they want, practicing with any local group. We will also provide access to our annual reports so they can understand how their support is channeled. Lastly, we will issue an NFT to our three biggest supporters in the form of beautiful, original artwork produced by a different healer each year.

        Can You Support the Usui Spiritual Lernejo Foundation?

        Do Your Part to Uplift the World Through Healing!

        Through our work, Usui Spiritual Lernejo has helped thousands of people, and we hope to be able to help thousands more.

        It is our sincere hope that we can bring our teachings to as many people as possible so we can introduce them to alternative healing methods, allowing them to live a full and happy life that is free of pain and discomfort, and truly help make the world a better place!

        Our work has been carried out with zero external financial and practical assistance, but now more than ever, we need as much support as we can get.


        We are incredibly grateful for any donation, big or small. If you are not interested in becoming a supporting member of our organization; but would like to support our work with a one-time donation, please donate by clicking a button below.

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        (*) Our three biggest supporting members will receive an NFT contemporary artwork as a gift.

        Membership fee payment:

        Every November, our supporting members can secure their place in advance for the self-healing training sessions of the following year, which are conducted with a small number of participants. The application form will be available here from November 1st until there are available slots.

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