The Usui Spiritual Lernejo Community Celebrates The 10th Anniversary Of Its Establishment

When starting our organization in 2008, we had the following goals:

Establishing contact with the members and teachers of the original school in Japan. Becoming acquainted with the original Usui Reiki Ryoho system in Japan, practicing it from the beginner’s level up, and teaching it one day. Treating patients with the method, documenting the treatments, their efficiency and result. Organizing of open day events, where anyone can try the healing method. Returning to the method of practicing together in groups instead of applying the seminar-like education system.

2008 – The first trip to Japan. Seijin and Dae Chong became familiar with some of the original practices there. Following their return, the members of our school started to learn these practices slowly, step by step. The first healing and practicing centers opened this year, and we held our first open day events as well. The Usui Spiritual Lernejo Community was officially registered in Hungary.

2009 – Dae Chong was invited to conduct training sessions abroad.

2010 – The second trip to Japan. Dae Chong spent a month in the country. He was introduced to several Reiki masters and also to leaders of other spiritual schools. He brought back many Japanese books with him, including the book of Kaiji Tomita, written in classical Japanese language. During his stay in Japan, Dae Chong got acquainted with all of the practices. Following his return, members of the Usui Spiritual Lernejo Community gradually switched to practicing the original Usui Reiki.

By the year 2014, there were 220 practitioners in our school, practicing together in groups in 15 different cities. There were nine nonprofit healing centers operated by our organization with ten healers. We held more than a hundred open days each year.

2014 – Dae Chong traveled to Japan again and was accepted as a teacher there.

2016 – Seijin and Kikyō traveled with Dae Chong to Japan and returned as teachers.

Between 2008 and 2018 the translation work of the Japanese source materials was completed. Educational videos about the practices were recorded for the students. Last but not least, Emperor Meiji’s poems were translated from classical Japanese language.

In 2017 our organization became international; the Usui Spiritual Lernejo Foundation was registered in Malaysia.In 2018 Seijin participated at the unveiling ceremony of the memorial stone made for Master Usui in his birth town in Japan. Our organization’s name is engraved on the memorial tablet among the names of other organizations and individuals who helped with their donations to fund the building of the memorial.

The teachers of our school were guided by the Japanese masters to the following places:

  • Tokyo –  Usui Sensei’s Memorial at the Saihoji Temple. Dae Chong was allowed to take photos so that we can translate the inscription. (2008, 2010)
  • Mt. Kurama – More precisely the spot where Master Usui held his 21-day fast on the mountain. All three teachers of our school meditated there and paid their respects to the Sensei and to the place. (2008, 2014, 2016)
  • The birthplace of Master Usui. (2016)
  • The place where Master Usui started practicing with his first disciples. (2016)
  • Other places related to Usui Sensei, where we had the chance to learn about several chapters of his life. (2016)

We spent more than 35,000 USD on professional translations, trips to Japan, training sessions there, and on information papers published by us. All of these were covered by the income from the training courses held in our school and the donations and contributions from the practicing members. To this day our healers live in modest circumstances.

Ten years later we will see what we will have accomplished by then. Until then we will continue to work hard, travel, practice and hopefully we will be able to help many ill people in the future as well.

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