Heal yourself

This training is developed especially for those who don’t have much free time. After the COVID-19 pandemic started, the teachers of the Usui Dentō Ryū School, which is run by the Usui Spiritual Lernejo Foundation and specializes in training future professional healers, decided to create this course. They selected several practices from the original Usui Reiki Ryoho system.

At the training, you will learn six practices in a few hours:

  • One is useful for treating acute illnesses,
  • One helps with all types of viral and bacterial diseases,
  • Three help maintain health and strengthen the immune system,
  • And one is a surprise!

The training is provided by the professional healers of the Usui Dentō Ryū School, who have extensive experience in healing and self-healing.

Why practice with us?


You will learn the practices from the professional healers of the Usui Dentō Ryū School. They have been practicing these for many years and have a lot of experience.


Our training seminars are available in Spanish, English, German, and Esperanto languages, and interpretation is possible from these into any other language. We aim to make the seminars available in more languages in the future.


A training seminar takes only three to four hours, but it is a lifetime experience. We know that people have less and less free time these days.


You can attend regular practice sessions and you can receive a re-attunement at each session.


You can contact our instructors and other practitioners anytime.


The training manual is available in 45 languages.


We provide significant help with your meditation practice.


You can join us when we travel to Japan.


You can work with great people in a local and a virtual community.


You will become a member of a team that achieved many wonderful things together. We have been practicing together since 2008.


Our goal is to have a growing community of practitioners across the globe in beautiful locations.


Your certificate is stored virtually; you can request a copy of it anytime, even decades later.


You can also attend our online celebrations.


And a lot of things are just beginning!

Our training locations


Canary Islands



Where to next?




Our teachers

Learn from the professional healers of Usui Dentō Ryū

Dae Chong

Panama, Central America

Spanish, Esperanto


Panama, Central America

English, Spanish

Maria Balint

Hungary, Europe

English, Esperanto, Hungarian

Jozsef Szazdi

Hungary, Europe

English, German, Hungarian

Rita Szeles

Florida, USA




We look forward to welcoming you and introducing you to this wonderful healing method!

The healers of the Usui Spiritual Lernejo Foundation