Pure Source Project

Pure Source Project

Within the framework of this project we will make important Usui Reiki resources available in several languages for Reiki masters and practitioners.

If one of the resources is already available, all the information about how and where you can find it will be posted on this website.

The translation into the first language will be funded by the USL Foundation and thereafter the practitioners can obtain it for a fee. This income will always be used for further translation of the resources into different languages, one language at a time. For the translation of Reiki resources we always choose quality translators and proofreaders, therefore the cost of translation is really high. But since the documents are written in classical Japanese language, and therefore almost all of the available translations out there are inaccurate, it is necessary to find the best translators.

Without a good understanding of these bases, you may not be able to practice Reiki properly. The bases can be useful for all Reiki schools, both Western and Japanese-style. The differences among the lineages will remain present of course, we have no intention of standardizing the different Reiki styles of the world. We would only like the bases laid down by Master Usui to be correctly taught by all schools.

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