Self-Healing Project

Self-Healing Project

Dae Chong Sensei created Manbyō no Reiyaku, a self-healing training, based on the practices of the original Japanese Usui Reiki system, which is free of those changes that characterize the Hayashi-Takata branch.

Manbyō no Reiyaku means: miraculous remedy for all diseases.

In Dae Chong Sensei’s opinion, ninety percent of the people that are interested in learning Reiki usually look for a method that they can use for self-healing. This is what we can offer in our training. It is unnecessary to participate in Western style Reiki I, II, III/A courses when, just like in Master Usui’s time, the essence of the healing method can be learned during one training and right after that it can be successfully practiced and applied.

Remember, Master Usui taught the healing method to over 2000 people, and there were only 20 of them who learned it on an advanced level, and became healers to help others.

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