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    The Planet and Our People Need Your Support Now More Than Ever!

    Do You Want to Help Make the World a Better Place?

    So do we! And we at the non-profit Usui Spiritual Lernejo Foundation firmly believe we have the solution to uplift the world through healing.

    Before the COVID-19 pandemic, our global society already faced significant challenges. The pandemic only served to widen disparities of the marginalized, further limiting access to healthcare. This has left many people around the world experiencing chronic medical issues, unable to treat their illnesses, posing a serious threat to how we move forward as a society.

    To remedy the current dire situation, we require urgent intervention and assistance to drive a collective effort in healing our world.

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    Our dojos around the world

    Our Activities, Goals and Achievements

    When we started our organization in 2008, we set the following goals:

    • Getting in touch with Japanese Reiki masters.
    • Finding a Japanese master who would travel to Europe to hold training courses for our community there.
    • Becoming acquainted with the Japanese way of practicing Reiki and the guidelines of Master Usui, and practicing Reiki the way we learn it in Japan.
    • Treating patients with the method, opening and maintaining Reiki studios for this purpose.

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    The Usui Spiritual Lernejo Community Celebrates The 10th Anniversary Of Its Establishment

    2008 – The first trip to Japan. Seijin and Dae Chong became familiar with some of the original practices there. Following their return, the members of our school started to learn these practices slowly, step by step. The first healing and practicing centers opened this year, and we held our first open day events as well. The Usui Spiritual Lernejo Community was officially registered in Hungary.

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    About USL

    The Usui Spiritual Lernejo Foundation manages the teaching of the Usui healing method internationally.

    The Usui Dentō Ryū School specializes in the training of healers. The teachings, which are based on the guidelines of Master Usui, take place where our teachers live.

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